Tim Holtz Precision Craft Trimmer

Tim Holtz

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  • This 12.5" Precision Craft Trimmer is designed by Tim Holtz for Tonic Studios. This heavy-duty trimmer will be the last one you need for all your paper crafting needs! 


    • One 12.5" Precision Craft Trimmer
    • Two black cutting blades 
    • One gray scoring blade 
    • A spring-lift blade track 
    • A measuring grid surface with size markings 


    • The cutting and scoring blades cut and score up to 12.5" 
    • This trimmer can be used for both cardstock and paper
    • There is a 6" or 15 cm central ruler for convenient measuring 
    • There are locking extendable rulers up to 12", that fold away for easy storage
    • There are measurements in both inches and metric 
    • There is a 0.25" measuring grid surface with size markings